Sports Performance

The Central Connecticut State University Sports Performance program is a sophisticated blend of science, technology, nutrition, and one-on-one attention to each student-athlete. Central's student-athletes make a year-round commitment to physically preparing to play their sport at the highest level.

That physical preparation addresses numerous components that are critical to athletic success, including strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, metabolic conditioning and motivation. Central's sports performance staff, under the guidance of Michael P. Ericksen, MS, C.S.C.S., tailors a sports performance program that matches the student athletes individual needs with the specific physical demands of their sport.

At the heart of Central's sports performance program is the Michael S. Knapp Weight Training Center, located in Kaiser Hall, below Detrick Gymnasium. The physical elements of the Strength Center reflect the strength and conditioning philosophy. The 4,000 square foot facility contains more than 15,000 pounds of weights, 12 Olympic lifting platforms with multi-purpose power racks. The room also includes dumbbells ranging from five to 170 pounds, selectorized machines and numerous pieces of cardiovascular equipment. A fully equipped plyometric training area is located just off the Strength Center.