Central Connecticut Athletic Facilities


Arute Field (Football and Women's Lacrosse)

Softball Field

Detrick Gymnasium (Men's and Women's Basketball, Volleyball)

Michael S. Knapp Weight Training Center

Jack Suydam Natatorium

Athletic Training

CCSU Baseball Field

Central Connecticut Soccer Field

CCSU Track & Field

Stanley Quarter Park (Men's and Women's Cross Country)


Central Connecticut University football tailgate policy for pre- and post game gathering:

  1. All groups larger than 30 must call ahead to reserve space in Arute stadium lot at least 24 hours in advance of a home football game. For your reservation call Steve Villanti Assistant Athletic Director at 860-832-3078.
  2. Groups will be given a space to tailgate in a designated area for not more than 1 ½ hours following the game.
  3. Tents are available for all groups on a limited first come first serve basis, please make your request when reserving your space.

Facility Rental Information
CCSU athletic facilities are available for summer camp reservation from June through August. For facility requests or questions concerning rental of facilities call the athletic offices at 860-832-3035.


Athletic facilities have been requested for the following camps:
Howie Dickenman Basketball Camp (June/July 2015) - Detrick Gym and Bubble
Coach Rossomando Football Academy (June/July, 2015) - Arute Field
Sonoco Swim Club (Dec. 2014 - Aug. 2015) - Suydam Natatorium

Camps and clinics
All coaches interested in running a camp must do so as independent contractors. Proper insurance and NCAA documentation must be on file in the office of Assistant Athletic Director/ Event Coordinator before the start of camp. Camps and Clinics must be run in accordance
with State and NCAA rules. A certified Athletic Trainer must be on sight during all university athletic camps and clinics. All coaches must attend a mandatory NCAA rules seminar given by the compliance office if they are interested in hosting a university camp or clinic. All individuals running a University camp must have a valid Connecticut Camp License, issued by the Connecticut State Department of Health. Fees per camper or clinic will be determined prior to the start of camp and initiation of a contract. Number of campers, cost of camp, and usage of facilities will determine cost.

Internal controls over the rental of the University facilities for athletic camps and clinics include the following:

  • A timeline for required documentation will be distributed when facilities are requested.
  • A listing of available dates for camps and clinics utilizing University facilities will be posted on the Department of Athletics Website and updated as reservations for facilities are requested.
  • University Event Management will be immediately notified of all requests for facility use and/or rental. Athletics works with Event Management to track documents required to be obtained for a camp/clinic to control procedure.
  • Every effort will be made to attain all required documentation and signature approvals from the appropriate University offices and outside agencies prior to the start of the camp. The following standard operating procedures have been be posted on the CCSU Athletic website as of August 2009:
  • 45 day advance notice shall be required to request the use of Athletic facilities for any camp or clinic – this time period is needed to acquire the appropriate documentation and signature approvals;
  • All documentation will be on file in the Event Management Office before the start of any camp or clinic;
  • A camp/clinic will not be allowed to start without proper documentation.