Pete Rossomando

Head Football Coach

Phone: (860) 832-3064

Ryan McCarthy

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks [Recruiting Areas: New Haven County (CT), Monmouth, Mercer and Ocean Counties (NJ)]

Phone: (860) 832-3097

Andrew Christ

Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs [Recruiting Areas: Fairfield County (CT), Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio]

Phone: (860) 832-3066

Daryl Daleen

Special Teams Coordinator / Inside Linebackers [Recruiting Areas: Hartford County (CT), New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina]

Phone: (860) 832-3173

Jon Leible

Assistant Coach / Offensive Line [Recruiting Areas: Litchfield County (CT), New York and Long Island]

Phone: (860) 832-3132

Hugh Villacis

Assistant Coach / Tight Ends [Recruiting Area: Middlesex County (CT)]

Phone: (860 832-3064

Ron DiGravio

Assistant Coach / Defensive Line [Recruiting Areas: New London County (CT), Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine]

Phone: (860) 832-3064

David Stedman

Assistant Coach / Running Backs [Recruiting Area: New Jersey]

Phone: (860) 832-3064

Holman Copeland

Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator/Outside Linebackers [Recruiting Area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania]

Phone: (860) 832- 3041

Drake Carnot

Assistant Secondary Coach

Phone: (860) 832-3249

Adam Jenkins

Wide Receivers/Director of Football Operations [Recruiting Areas: Connecticut: Tolland and Windham County South Florida (St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach and Broward counties)

Phone: (860) 832-3064